Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lentil Stew

It comes in handy to have a camera and use it amidst those normal everyday adventures. 
Like cooking.
Lentils are generally not my forte, but in this case, vegan suits me just fine for one meal. (huge smile and waves to all the vegan lovelies out there)
There are two lentil recipes we have tried for our family, and this one is the best so far.
First of all: lentils. This time we had green ones, a good bit in bulk --haha, 5lbs.
I used 4 cups of water and 2 cups of these. But that's a meal and a half for a family of 9.
So maybe...split it in half, and you can freeze what you don't eat.
Then....ya want probably 6 peppers, all diced up. That's for our regular recipe, once again.
It's not that hard to halve it in your head, is it?
'Kay. Just checking. I mean, I don't like math either, but this isn't that difficult;)
Here's the recipe. That's Anna's handwriting and commands this time.
So. That's about 6 carrots, medium to large size. I sliced them longways into quarters, then chopped them like normal. Ya wanna let them mingle in some olive oil with those peppers.
Oh, yes, and don't forget a nice-sized onion, too. Dice that thing up.
Okey-dokey. Then, two things of chicken broth (or, probably any of your favorite broth would work) ...32oz each, these are.
Alright now...this is what it'll look like after a while steaming together. Make sure you salt this stuff enough, otherwise you'll just taste.....lentils. Ew. (laughs)
Pour in your lentils.
And yes. Your whole 64 ounces of broth gets poured in right about now, too.
Again, do the math for yourself.
Now before you turn the burner up to medium-high and leave it alone, pour these in. :)
Now you can turn up the heat...but don't completely forget about it:)
Now, toast your bread, a piece or two for everyone, and if you do it right, it might turn out half as well, good-lookin' and yummy as mine:

(Psh, don't trip over my sarcasm, I'm just kidding. Not that conceited about my culinary creations.)
Mmmmmm. Now, let me tell you. It tastes as good as it looks, if not better (well, depending on your train of thought, alright?;)

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