Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chocolate Pecan Scones

Sorry to torture anyone.
*gasp* Alright, you can tell it's a beautiful day, right?--the blue sky is reflected in the glossy, warm, un-ordinary chocolate-coffee sauce. Mmmm:)
It's the perfect scone.
It was . . . amazing, that first bite. And all the ones that followed, till the whole, delicious, chocolate-coffee drizzled thing was fully consumed.
Yep, you can kinda tell we use whole-wheat flour, but gosh it turns out awesome either way.
Now, the dear Leanna was the wonderful lady to post this recipe first of all, and I am so glad, because the world has been made a better place. One of these on the plate in front of you, still warm, and world peace is possible.
So... thank you, Leanna. 
*sighs again*
Now, listen. I never sigh over food, do I? So go on and copy this down and scoot your booty into that kitchen and make 'em. 
Hop over here to get the recipe... You know you want it. ;)

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  1. Love your posts beka! I'm glad new ones are being posted while she's gone. One day I'll try making these scones, 'cause they look absolutly delicious!