Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chips and dip!

Today we had a tea party.  We had a ripe avocado so I decided to make some dip.  I had a great idea to use the skin as the dish to hold the dip!  (I think I watched too many cooking shows!  lol)  But it worked great!

I sliced the avocado length wise, and took out the pit.  I used a spoon to scoop out all the fleshy part.  I mixed up the fleshy part with a little garlic salt, ground red pepper, and paprika till it was creamy.  
In the smaller end of the skin I placed several Tablespoons of sour cream.  (Filling not quite a third of the skin.)
Next I filled a little less than a third more of the skin with salsa.
Last I put the mixed up avocado in the end of the skin.  I dusted the top with red pepper and paprika, and served with corn tortilla chips!  Delicious!!!